Make use of the 7th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR - organise a seminar

The Baltic Sea Region’s future is the central theme of the 7th Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). How can the EUSBSR contribute to a vision for the region in 2030? The organisers would like to see a variety of seminars addressing this theme as well as the latest news, challenges and developments in different areas of the EUSBSR.

You are hereby cordially invited to take an active role at this major event, held in Stockholm, 8-9 November 2016, by organising a seminar, workshop or public interview. Proposals for seminars may be submitted from March to 17 May 2016.

Political seminars take centre stage
At this year’s Strategy Forum, political seminars will take centre stage when it comes to implementing the EUSBSR. The plenary sessions will aim to inspire the audience with global and regional visionary outlooks, while the political seminars address the core of the EUSBSR – how to reach the three overall objectives to Save the Sea, Connect the Region and Increase Prosperity. The seminars will take stock of the added value of macro regional cooperation for these objectives and their sub-objectives.

Inclusive approach
The organisers will strive for an inclusive approach, where all levels of the implementing partners for the EUSBSR are offered the platform that the Strategy Forum provides for their field of responsibility. The Strategy Forum, being the main EUSBSR event of the year, addresses a targeted audience of decision makers, politicians, policy makers, funding organisations, NGOs, social partners and other key stakeholders of the EUSBSR. This makes the event the ultimate setting for a seminar or workshop for partners and key stakeholders.
A strong emphasis is being placed on the need to facilitate dialogue and interaction. Any organisation or key stakeholder can apply to organise seminars, provided they fulfil the pre-defined criteria and guidelines for the Strategy Forum, published at the official website of the Forum.

Time schedule
Proposals for seminars may be submitted from March to 17 May 2016. Please send your seminar application to Petra Gråberg at the Swedish Institute at no later than 17 May. Please find updated information and guidelines for staging a seminar at the official website of the Forum:

Supporting your efforts in implementing the EUSBSR
The organisers of the Strategy Forum are able to assist and guide potential organisers of seminars or workshops in the planning process. In certain cases help can also be given in finding moderators, speakers or partners.
The Strategy Forum will include three categories of seminar:

  • political seminar
  • seminar with workshop
  • interview

All applications for seminars will be assessed by a programming committee. A variety of meeting venues, ranging in size from 60 to 600 people will be available.

Creative Lounge
The Strategy Forum will also provide a Creative Lounge for meetings between Policy Area Coordinators, Horizontal Action Coordinators, Flagship Leaders and funding organisations. The Creative Lounge will be open during the two days of Strategy Forum. The concept of the Creative Lounge consists of three thematic areas:

  • financial opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region
  • project ideas and best practise
  • cooperation with PACs and HACs

The 7th Strategy Forum for the EUSBSR is hosted by Sweden with the Nordic Council of Ministers and in close cooperation with the European Commission.


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