More than 70 seminar proposals received

Many interesting proposals have been submitted for the seminars by the deadline of 17 May. Some subjects proposed so far include:
What happens if we do not work to improve the conditions of the Baltic Sea?
What is the state of the Digital Baltic Sea Region?
Can we envisage a ‘Vision Zero’ for serious maritime accidents in the Baltic Sea?
The consequences of climate change and actions to minimise these.
How can culture and tourism interact?
How can the EUSBSR serve as a platform for the UN Global Sustainability Goals for 2030?
These are only some tidbits of more than 70 proposals submitted so far.

The next step?
All proposals will be assessed by the Programming Committee of the 7th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR. Selected proposals to be included in the programme will be based on quality, availability and if the proposals fulfil the criteria.
The organisers of the 7th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR may propose or request changes in the content, the length of the session or format if deemed necessary. The Programming Committee may also suggest merging different proposals on the same theme. The final decision will be made by the Programming Committee and will be communicated by e-mail in mid-June together with more practical information concerning deadlines for seminar presentations in the official programme, technical requirements, etc.

What if I missed the deadline?
For those who could not meet the deadline but still have interesting ideas, you are welcome to contact the organisers and we will try to help; for example, by putting you in contact with applicants with the same area of interest.

Contact: Petra Gråberg at the Swedish Institute