Release of Foresight report

New seminar in the programme
A foresight report will be presented in the Inspirational session. A new seminar directly following the presentation will allow for more in-depth discussions on how to develop a vision for the region, what we know and what more we need to do. Join the discussion between the writers of the report and representatives of ESPON, the CPMR, the EU Commission (tbc) and the group of National Contact Persons for the EUSBSR.

Practical information
We would like to remind you to make your practical arrangements for visiting Stockholm and the Strategy Forum. For hotel bookings, visit and book here.

Our policy is not to publish participants’ contact information (such as email, addresses and phone numbers). To open up for networking contacts, it is possible to send messages to each other by using the mobile web application that will be sent to you in two weeks. If you do not consent to be published in the participants’ list, submit an email to by no later than 31 October.

Interview with Jari Sainio
‘The basis of successful cooperation in the region is promoted by a mutual understanding of cultural differences, sensitivity to each other’s interests, and trust. Regional authorities are at a crossroads of cooperation, able to bridge efforts at local, national, pan-Baltic and EU levels. We believe that regions could function much more as a door-opener for regional and local stakeholders to take part in the implementation of the EUSBSR.’

Read the whole interview with Jari Sainio, President of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission, Vice President of the Regional Council of Helsinki-Uusimaa.