Erik Kiesow, Swedish National Coordinator about the
Strategy Forum

What is the Strategy Forum?
It is the event for everyone working to improve the future of the Baltic Sea Region. This is a place where you can have a say on policy matters, obstacles, or just pitch your ideas on how to reach the three overall objectives of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR): Save the Sea, Connect the Region and Increase Prosperity.

What is your role as the national coordinator of the EUSBSR?
My role is to organise the national implementation in Sweden. I am also the Swedish representative in the group of national coordinators, which is the governing body of the EUSBSR. The group of national coordinators meets on a regular basis and includes representatives from all eight EU member states in the region as well as the European Commission. In July, Sweden will take over the role as acting chair of this group after Poland.

How would you characterise this year’s Strategy Forum held in Stockholm, Sweden, 8-9 November?
The seminars will take centre stage. We will offer any organisation with a stake in the future of the Baltic Sea Region the opportunity to arrange a seminar for high-level political debates, a workshop or other activities. We will also boost the networking aspect of the forum with a Creative Lounge. The plenaries will inspire all participants to discuss our common future in a 2030-perspective, the Baltic Sea Region in a global context, and to continue the discussions in the political seminars.

Erik Kiesow
Erik Kiesow