Questions and Answers

What is the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region?
The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is the first macro-regional strategy in the European Union, representing 80 million inhabitants or 17 percent of the EU population. The strategy was approved by the European Council in 2009 following a communication from the European Commission. It aims to reinforce cooperation within the region in order to tackle specific challenges in the area – for example, environmental deterioration of the Baltic Sea and poor transport links. It also builds on opportunities to work together – for example, on research and development, innovation, and maritime growth issues.
The strategy has three main objectives: Save the Sea, Connect the Region and Increase Prosperity.
What is the Strategy Forum?
The Strategy Forum is a two-day conference which aims to attract key stakeholders and active partners in the implementation of the EUSBSR from local, regional, national and EU levels.

What is the purpose of the Strategy Forum?
The Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR offers participants an opportunity to network, gain new knowledge, create new partnerships, help shape policy discussions on the future of the Baltic Sea Region, and make achievements and results known to a wider public.
The overall theme of this year’s forum is to stimulate a discussion on the desired future of the Baltic Sea Region in a 2030 perspective.
Who is organising the event?
The event is hosted by the Swedish Government together with the Nordic Council of Ministers and in close cooperation with the European Commission.
Who is the Strategy Forum for?
The Strategy Forum is open to any stakeholder interested in Baltic Sea regional cooperation. The forum will gather regional experts, government officials, and representatives from civil society, academia, business and other interested parties. Participants will represent the EU, national, regional and local levels.
Is it an annual event?
So far the Strategy Forum has been a yearly event, taking place in one of the eight EU member states in the Baltic Sea Region. This year´s Strategy Forum takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.
How is the Strategy Forum related to the BDF Summit?
The 18th Baltic Development Forum Summit will take place on 8 November in conjunction with the Strategy Forum. The events are organised separately but in close cooperation. Both events take place in the same venue.
Will there be a press conference?
There will be no press conference; however, journalists are invited to meet experts on the EUSBSR, take part in a press briefing with Corina Creţu (the European Commissioner for Regional Policy), join high level speakers for a round trip in the Creative Lounge, as well as taking part in a project visit.
Please read the media programme for more details.
Who do I contact if I would like to conduct an interview?
All journalists are free to make their own arrangements to interview speakers. There will a room available for press (the name of the room is ‘Poseidon’) which is free to use if not booked for other purposes. The contact person for this room is:
Birgitta Jarlås, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.
+46 (0) 76 -136 83 72
The Creative Lounge also offers space for interviews with lounge furniture as well as charging stations for computers and phones.
What will the Strategy Forum result in?
The Strategy Forum does not result in a formal statement. However, the forum will stimulate continued discussion on the future of the Baltic Sea Region in a 2030 perspective.
What are the highlights in the programme?
The Strategy Forum offers a very broad programme as the EUSBSR serves as platform for many policy areas. The programme offers three inspiring sessions for all participants as well as more than 40 political seminars – ranging from issues such as the environmental state of the Baltic Sea, youth social entrepreneurship, transport links, blue growth, the digital state of the Baltic Sea Region and much more. Besides this, participants should not miss activities in the Creative Lounge where there will be a fashion show, 3D printer, digital project display, interactive exhibitions and more.
Who is the press contact for the Strategy Forum?
The press contact is:
Jakob Lagerkranser, Government Offices of Sweden.
+46 (0) 72 202 83 63

Please read Press info, find the Media programme and more information.

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