Looking towards 2030:
Preparing the Baltic Sea Region for the future

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it.
The report you are about to read is a contribution to preparations for a future where many of the challenges and opportunities the Baltic Sea Region will meet would be better addressed through deepened cooperation. In a region characterized by sparsely populated areas, limited domestic markets, harsh climate and a shared responsibility for the Baltic Sea the benefits of joining forces should be obvious. Even more so, the global development speaks in favour of more cooperation...

New seminar in the programme:
A foresight report will be presented in the Inspirational session. The seminar directly following the presentation forward: "Looking towards 2030 - from foresights to vision" will allow for more in depth discussions on how to develop a vision for the region, what we know and what more we need to do. Join the discussion between the writers of the report and representatives of ESPON, the CPMR, the EU Commission (tbc) and the group of National Contact Persons for the EUSBSR.

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