Conference Programme

Please note:
- The programme will be updated continuously.
- The conference is free of charge and all meals are included
- There will be no traditional coffee breaks in the programme, coffee will be available at all time in the Creative Lounge.
- The Creative Lounge will also offer an arena where the EUSBSR Policy Area Coordinators/Horizontal Action Coordinators (PAC/HAC) will be available for project discussions.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

08:00 Registration opens

Early Arrivals
Seminars & Workshops

09:30 - 10:30


Myth - busting trafficking in human beings
Organiser: Nordic Council of Ministers, Council of the Baltic Sea States and County Administrative Board of Stockholm
Venue: Galleriet


Why gender matters
Organiser: Winnet
Venue: Fogelström
N.B this seminar session is prolonged until 10:40

Creative Lounge

Exhibition build up.

Programme will be updated continuously.


Early Arrivals  Parallel 
Seminars & Workshops



Cultural gaming as an innovative and interactive tool for modelling smart and sustainable regions
Organiser: Nordic Council of Ministers office, Latvia
Venue: Lindgren

How to embed inland navigation in transport chains
Organiser: Interreg Baltic Sea Region project EMMA
Venue: Galleriet

How to engage farmers and communities in water management
Organiser: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and WWF
Venue: Riddarsalen

Creative Lounge
Open for networking from 10:00
Coffee is served
from 10:00
Nobelterassen is exclusively for Networking .
Baltic Sea Region-Barista Brian Jones will serve organic coffee and share entrepreneurial ideas from his experience as a young Baltic Sea Region advocate.

 12:00-13:00 Networking Lunch


12:10 Mälarsalen
Welcome speech from the Creative Lounge Stage, Swedish Institute

12:40 Mälarsalen               Bioeconomy and innovative solutions for a sustainable Baltic fashion industry in 2030 (fashion show). Presented by 
Nordic Council of Ministers

Session I

Vision 2030 for the Baltic Sea Region


Conference moderator

Monika Zamachowska, 
Polish journalist and moderator specialized in European affairs and EU integration with extensive experience from Baltic Sea Region events.

Vision 2030 for the Baltic Sea Region 
Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden
Juha Sipilä, Prime Minister of Finland, Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers
Corina Creţu, European Commissioner for Regional Policy

Strategic Foresight Report:
Challenges and Opportunities for the Region in a Global Perspective

Kai Böhme
, Director Spatial Foresight Gmbh
Janne Antikainen, Design Director and partner of MDI

Panel discussion
Niklas Zennström, Founder, Race For The Baltic, Co-Founder Zennström Philanthropies 
Anke Spoorendonk, Minister for Justice, Culture and European Affairs of Land Schleswig-Holstein
Alexandra Ehlers, Chairperson of the Regional Youth Council of Schleswig-Holstein 

 Venue: Mässhallen

Seminars & Workshops



Main Session 1: 
Connecting for a digital market in the Baltic Sea Region >>
Organiser: Baltic Development Forum

Venue: Mässhallen

Looking towards 2030 - from foresight to vision
Organiser: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Venue: Polhem (access by Milles)

Fostering innovation and growth in the bioeconomy through smart specialisation
Organiser: Nordic Council of Ministers
Venue: Riddarsalen

´Nothing about us without us´ - A youth perspective on the future of the Baltic Sea Region
Organiser: The Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC), Union of Baltic Cities (UBC), EuroRegion
Venue: Arkaden

Seminars & Workshops



Main session 2: 
Fashionable bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region
Organiser: Nordic Council of Ministers
Venue: Mässhallen


Tourism. Sustainable. 2030
Organiser: PAC Tourism
Venue: Fogelström

New thinking and policy design - can flexible mechanisms save the Baltic Sea?
Organiser: John Nurminen foundation et. al.
Venue: Galleriet

Financing climate action
Organiser: Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Venue: Polhem (access by Milles)

Hazardous substances from cities – a bigger threat to Baltic Sea health than eutrophication?
Organiser: Interreg Baltic Sea Region Flagship project "NonHazCity"
Venue: Lindgren

Internationalisation models for digital start-ups in the Baltic Sea Region
Organiser: Baltic Development Forum, Nordic Council of Ministers, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Venue: Riddarsalen

Where are we heading – wealthier and healthier in the decades to come, or just the opposite?
Organiser: The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS)
Venue: Arkaden

Creative Lounge

16:40-17:30 Mälarsalen
Financial opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region.
Presented by Swedish Institute and HA Capacity


19.00-21.00  Dinner Reception
Dinner at Stockholm City Hall. Hosted by the City of Stockholm.


Wednesday 9 November 2016

08:00 Registration opens

Session II

EU and Global policies for 2030


UN Agenda 2030 and the Global Sustainability Goals from a Baltic Sea Region perspective.
Alan Atkisson,
Author, Senior Adviser in Sustainability and Adviser to the United Nations Secretariat

EU perspective for 2030
Paweł Świeboda
, Deputy Head of the European Political Strategy Centre

Panel discussion
Pär Svärdson, CEO and founder Apotea AB
Ilona Raugze, Director ESPON EGTC
Michael Smyth, Vice President European Economic and Social Committee
Tiina Perho, Board member South West Finland Regional Council & Chair CPMR BSR Working Group on Maritime issues
Kristen Aigro, International Officer at the ENL Estonian National Youth Council

Venue: Mässhallen

Parallel Seminars & Workshops



Main Session 3: Walk the talk - implementing  Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic Sea Region >>
Organiser: Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)/Baltic2030
Venue: Mässhallen

Is youth social entrepreneurship the solution for sustainable rural areas?
Organiser: Young Ambassadors of Democracy/ Coompanion Kalmar, BYSED Interreg Seed Money project and BS NGO Network
Venue: Galleriet

EUSBSR flagships synergising on TEN-T corridors - a Recipe to embed the TEN-T in the BSR communities?
PAC Transport, NSB CoRe, TENTacle and Scandria2Act. 
Venue: Arkaden


Perspectives for EU-Russia cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
Organiser: HAC Neighbours
Venue: Riddarsalen

`If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it`- Tools for monitoring the Baltic Sea Region development
VASAB, Nordregio, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Venue: Polhem (access by Milles)

Blue growth - added value of cooperating in project clusters
Organiser: Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme
Venue: Fogelström
N.B this seminar session is prolonged until 13.00

Creative Lounge

Macroregional Matchmaking
presented by Let's Communicate.
Meet PACs and HACs, topic: Increase prosperity

Contact: Miitta Eronen

Keep Sweden Tidy announces the winner of the BLASTIC competition Mälarsalen stage

Interview session with industry representatives: Sustainability of the Shipping Industry. Organiser: Zero Vision Tool, ZVT

Who will be the next US President?
A conversation led by Alan AtKisson with former US correspondent Folke Rydén and other guests on the results and consequences of the US presidential election for the Baltic Sea Region.

 12:00-13:45 Networking Lunch


13:10-13:50 Mälarsalen
To save the world - Let's start with the Baltic Sea.
Folke Rydén, prize winning reporter, director and producer.

Parallel Seminars & Workshops



Cities and Regions: Drivers or Bystanders in the Baltic Sea cooperation
Organiser: Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC), Land Brandenburg
Venue: Fogelström

Achieving knowledge-driven innovation and growth in the Baltic Sea Region
Organiser: Baltic Development Forum, Skåne region, GEMS
Venue: Galleriet

Finding innovative ways to fight eutrophication in the Baltic Sea 
Organiser: Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco)
Venue: Lindgren

How to ensure that Agenda 2030 goals for the Baltic Sea Region are reached in the light of a changing climate
Organiser: Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)
Venue: Riddarsalen

Parallel Seminars & Workshops



Closed loops: Innovative solutions in sludge management for a toxin free environment 
Organiser: PAC Hazards, PAC Bioeconomy, PAC Nutri, HELCOM
Venue: Lindgren

Accelerating strategic cooperation for sustainable blue growth in the Baltic Sea Region
Organiser: Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), European Commission, DG MARE
Venue: Galleriet

Concluding Session



Summing up and key messages from the conference
Karolina Skog, Minister for the Environment, Sweden

Panel discussion
Paavo Lipponen,
Former Prime Minister of Finland
Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary HELCOM
Flemming Stender, Director of Baltic Development Forum
Rosaline Marbinah, Vice President of the LSU Swedish National Youth Council
8th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR in Berlin, June 2017
Thomas Ossowski, Director for Relations with European Union Member States, Cross-Border and Regional Cooperation, Germany

Venue: Mässhallen