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Fashionable Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. Biomaterials and sustainable fashion as drivers for growth.

Time: 16:30-17:30 Tuesday 8 November

Venue: Mässhallen

Under the theme of “Saving the Sea” the session asks what high-priority issues can bio-economy address in the rural Baltic region? How can the Baltic Sea Region take a leading role in developing sustainable textile industry based on local bio-economy and the principles of circular economy?

Sven-Erik Bucht. Minister for Rural Affairs, Sweden
Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers
Tobias Köhnke (Cellutex, SWEREA)
Sigrid Barnekow (MISTRA Future Fashion).
Eva Karlsson (CEO, Houdini Sportswear)
Felicia Reuterswärd (Sustainability Manager, H&M)
Fashion models
Camille Duran, Green Exchange

The stage will turn into a “talk and fashion show” to discuss the regional political challenges and opportunities and local business solutions in the BSR as well as showcasing examples of Fashionable bio-economy – the future of a bio-based fashion in the BSR. 
The session seeks to showcase, explore and discuss how the BSR can have a leading role in linking bio-economy and sustainable fashion industry and what local solutions the Baltic Sea Region bio-economy offers for sustainable production and consumption? This includes issues such as rural development, waste, material flows, innovation and new business models.
The focus is chosen due to a growing demand for sustainable fashion as well as a bio-based industry, but what does sustainability mean? A circular bio-economy can combine sustainable sources, resource efficiency and upgrading with creative design, but what are the regional challenges and opportunities in the BSR regarding local solutions; what kind of materials, design and new business models can be developed in the BSR in the fashion industry towards 2030 – also for biomaterials and sustainable fashion to become drivers for growth?
The session will thus explore questions like: What high-priority issues can bio-economy address in the ‘rural’ Baltic region? What are the research updates on wood cellulose, innovative fibers, textile recycling and sustainable fashion guiding principles? And what is the role of brands in driving demand and steering the sector?

Main Session - Political Seminar

Main organiser

Nordic Council of Ministers
PAC Bioeconomy
PAC Innovation

Seminar contact person
PAC Bioeconomy 
Torfi Jóhannesson
Liv la Cour Belling

PAC Innovation
Niclas Forsling
Trine Schmidt 

Subobjective of the EUSBSR:
Save the sea : Sustainable production and use of biomass from land and sea
Increase prosperity: New circular business models  
Connect the region: Cross-sectoral and cross-border innovation