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Main Session 4:
Sustainability of the Shipping Industry – Reaching a new normal

Time: 14:00-14:50 Wednesday 9 November

Venue: Mässhallen

Society health benefit from green shipping: We need to continue! 
Achieving zero environmental and climate impact from shipping, while remaining prosperous, has been a vision since the EUSBSR goals were formulated. For this, cooperation is crucial, not least in a PPP perspective. During this session we present results & unsolved issues, discuss what public private partnerships are to achieve next in regards of risk-sharing, in order to ensure reaching the BSR Vision 2030. And. We need to continue since society health benefits from green shipping are estimated, so far, to €1 million / ship & year. 

What we like to achieve
An increased engagement of stakeholders in achieving the common goal of prosperous transport at sea with zero environmental and climate impact, including engaging new stakeholders; higher awareness of the public-private partnerships in North & Baltic Sea region that are effective and delivering results, including benefit to the society and the sea, and to gain a common view on a risk sharing solution when implementing a new normal where green investments are the most profitable choice. 

  • Anne Berner, Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications
  • Anna Johansson, Swedish Minister for Infrastructure
  • Carl Carlsson, CEO Zero Vision Tool
  • Erik Fridell, Senior Researcher & Professor IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Jan Hanses, CEO Viking Line ApB
  • Niclas Mårtensson, CEO Stena Line
  • Wojtek Sopinski, Advisor EU Motorways of the Sea
Moderating the session is Monika Zamachowska, a Polish journalist and moderator specialized in European affairs and EU integration with extensive experience from Baltic Sea Region events. She is also the one moderating the main Summit introduction.


Main session - political seminar

Main organiser:
Zero Vision Tool

Seminar contact person:
Helén Jansson

Seminar partner organisations:
Ministry of the Environment and Energy, Sweden
Prime Minister’s Office, Sweden
CBSS Icelandic Presidency

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Save the Sea:
- Clean and safe shipping
- Better cooperation
Connect the Region:
- Good transport conditions
- Reliable energy markets
- Connecting people in the region
Increase prosperity:
- Baltic Sea region as a frontrunner for deepening and fulfilling the single market
- EUSBSR contributing to the implementation of Europe 2020
- Improved global competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region
- Climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management