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Cooperation on the Transeuropean Corridors in the Baltic Sea Region

Time: 15:00-15:50

Venue: Mässhallen

The potential of mutual benefits of synchronizing actions: The ongoing implementation of the TEN-T Core Network Corridors aims to be accomplished 2030. The Policy Area Transport Action Plan has now been updated with the purpose to both support the implementation and to optimize the benefit for the whole Baltic Sea Region.

Cathrine Trautmann
, European Coordinator
Anna Johansson, Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden
Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, Finland 
Christian Gaebler, Permanent Secretary for Transport and Environment, Berlin’s Senate, Germany
Baiba A. Rubesa, Chairperson of the Management Board and CEO of RB Rail AS

The seminar is titled ”Cooperation on the Transeuropean Corridors in the Baltic Sea Region”. The purpose with this is to demonstrate the objective in the revised Policy Area Transport Action Plan on how to support and add value to the implementation of TEN-T Core Net Corridors relevant to the Baltic Sea Region. How can stakeholders engaged in the Baltic Sea Strategy and PA Transport with their competences and resources contribute to a smarter and more efficient implementation? The objective in the revised Action Plan, in addition to support the Corridor implementation itself, also comprises the ambition to explore the most efficient supplementing measures that will enhance the benefit for the whole Baltic Sea Region created by the new improved transport facilities that the Corridors are expected to deliver when implemented by 2030.


Main session - political seminar

Main organiser:
PAC Transport

Seminar contact person:
Thomas Erlandson

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Connect the Region: Good transport conditions