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EUSBSR flagships synergising on TEN-T corridors - a Recipe to embed the TEN-T in the BSR communities?

Time: 10:40-12:00 Wednesday 9 November

Venue: Arkaden

Thomas Erlandson: ​​Coordinator EUBSR Policy Area Transport, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden
Wiktor Szydarowski:​Project Manager, Region Blekinge, Lead Partner TENTacle
Olli Keinänen:​Chief Adviser, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Lead Partner NSB CoRe
Horst Sauer:​Head of Unit, Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg, Lead Partner Scandria2Act
Verner Kristiansen
The seminar will address following issues:
- A new approach to macroregional cooperation in transport among the EU Member States and role of the flagships in the EUSBSR PA Transport 
- Trilateral project alliance: the past experience, the present agreement, the future gains 
- Managing the stakeholder dialogue: practical solutions to connect the regional communities, the industry, the EU Member States and the European Commission for joint implementation of TEN-T core network corridors in the BSR
- Urban nodes as a polygon for tailor-made transport and urban policies: added value of the project cooperation
The TEN-T core network corridors is a new instrument of the EU transport policy aimed to improve mobility, intermodality and interoperability on the major transport axes across Europe. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is intersected by three core network corridors: Scan-Med, North Sea-Baltic and Baltic-Adriatic. Additionally, a horizontal layer of the Motorways of the Sea is expected to relieve the land transport corridors and constitute their maritime leg. 
Implementation of the core network corridors has a large but untapped potential to stimulate positive effects in the BSR beyond the pure transport sector and beyond the immediate geographical areas they cross. They provide a backbone for connectivity in the BSR and may boost the growth and prosperity – provided that their wider economic benefits are noticed and then deployed by the BSR communities.
The allied projects of NSB CoRe, TENTacle and Scandria2Act, co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme and approved as EUSBSR flagships, will tell the story of trilateral cooperation - anchored in the past experience, affirmed in a joint agreement and offering mutual gains out of the harmonised thematic and regional approach. Set in the framework of the EUSBSR PA Transport, the projects will share their practice on involving various stakeholders in the joint action to deliver solutions capitalising on the core network corridors and demonstrating their wider economic benefits for the BSR communities. Of special interest are good governance examples on transport corridors and combination of transport and urban policies at various scales to help integrate urban nodes on the core network corridors. 
The first part of the seminar will feature a brief presentation of the revised Action Plan for EUSBSR PA Transport, followed by information on the essence of the trilateral project cooperation. 
1. Introduction: 
Policy Area Transport in BSR – Involvement of flagships (working title), 
Thomas Erlandson
2. Joint commitment of the flagship projects – past, present, future
3. Discussion: Focus will be set on the mentioned topics under point Description above
The second part will involve the audience in a moderated discussion to the project-induced bottom-up approach to the topics of multilevel governance and integration of urban nodes. The purpose would be to jointly define best practice statements (messages) to be communicated to the panellists and audience in the later session on TEN-T corridors in the Baltic Sea Region, which will in turn present the high level policy views on the subject.  
Thematic link to main session 5:
Results and statements of the seminar will have direct influence on the main session 5 Cooperation on the TEN-T Corridors of the Baltic Sea Region. The moderator as well as the speakers will be informed about the seminar and its results and expected messages.
The three projects were requested to submit an article for the event webpages. The content shall be the cooperation and influence of flagship project to the policy area transport in the BSR. It is foreseen to link the article with the seminar.


Seminar/workshop: panel discussion and active involvement of the audience

Main organiser: 
The event is organised by the coordinator of the Policy Area Transport of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy in close cooperation with the three allied flagship projects co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme:NSB CoRe, TENTacle and Scandria2Act. 

Thomas Erlandson

Horst Sauer
Horst Sauer
Wiktor Szydarowski
Wiktor Szydarowski
Olli Keinänen
Olli Keinänen
Thomas Erlandsson
Thomas Erlandsson