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Financing climate action

Time: 16:30-17:30 Tuesday 8 November

Venue: Polhem (access by Milles)

The prevention of negative climate change impacts is vital to secure a prosperous Baltic Sea Region. This workshop will address the complexity of challenges in the Baltic Sea Region caused by climate change, the existing cooperation and benefits of preventive actions to adapt to a changing climate and to increase the resilience of society.
Climate is changing and together with the global warming the natural disasters with cascading effects are growing by magnitude and number in all regions of the globe. An important part of BSR cooperation related to climate change is the development of preparedness for handling increased risks related to extreme events, e.g. induced by heat waves, floods or storms. Society need to take appropriate actions to prevent or minimize the damage they can cause, or taking advantage of opportunities that may arise. It has been shown that well planned, early adaptation actions save money and lives. It is estimated that failure to adapt to climate change will cost 100 billion euros a year in 2020 which maid increase to 250 billion in 2050. Each euro spent on flood protection could save six euros in damage costs. Floods caused direct economic losses of more than 90 billion euros between 1980 and 2011.
Workshop will address the complexity of challenges in the Baltic Sea Region caused by the climate changes, the existing cooperation and benefits of preventive actions to adapt to changing climate and to increase the resilience of the society as well pours insight to some funding opportunities for preventive climate actions like ESIF 2014-2020 and multilateral development banks.
Paola Albrito, Chief Regional Office for Europe, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, will open the workshop, welcomes participants, present the key-speakers and give a general macro-regional perspective on climate change
Key-note addresses are delivered by:
1. Cecilia Nyström, Head of Resilience Development and Analysis Department, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency/MSB, will give a policy perspective with focus on links between the climate change and societal security.
2. Dina Silina, DG CLIMA, European Commission, gives overview on financing climate action by the ESIF 2014-2020 with focus on funding for climate adaptation
3. Erling Kvernevik, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, gives overview on Norwegian system for financing of climate adaptation measures with an example from the municipality/region level                                                 4. Alexander Schenk, Head of the European Investment Bank Office in Stockholm, introduces climate finance portfolio of the EIB

Short presentations are paving way to following short discussion with the participants.
Target group of the workshop are national, regional and local level policy makers attending the EUSBR Annual Forum as well invited experts and representatives of the relevant regional stakeholders like Union of the Baltic Cities, members of the EUSBSR Flagship Climate Dialogue Platform Round-table etc. 



Main organiser: 

CBSS Secretariat and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency - PA Secure and HA Climate

Seminar contact person:
Valdur Lahtvee

Seminar partner organisations
Swedish Civil Contingency Agency - MSB
Co-organiser: Julia Fredriksson, Strategic Adviser on EU and International Issues, EUSBSR PA Secure

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Increase Prosperity: Climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management