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How do cultural and creative sectors encourage cooperation, innovation and inclusion in a culturally diverse Baltic Sea Region?

Time: 15:00-16:20 Tuesday 8 November

Venue: Fogelström

The seminar discusses how the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) in the Baltic Sea Region encourage cooperation, social innovation and inclusion between the people in culturally diverse societies in the region.
Today’s Baltic Sea Region is a pool of a fantastic diversity of people with different cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. The states on the shores of the Baltic Sea contribute significantly to the diversity; however the states’ societal composition opens up an even larger diversity. This provides great potential for cross-cultural and cross-sectorial cooperation that needs to be promoted and activated, also in order to facilitate integration processes more easily. The Policy Area Culture session will demonstrate the value of the CCS for cooperation, social innovation and inclusion, by showcasing innovative cultural projects, representing the diversity in the region. It will also discuss, in an open format, how such projects encourage cultural cooperation and social innovation between and within the culturally diverse societies in the BSR.

The Hot Chair with Minister of Justice Anke Spoorendonk will get political representatives to talk about governments’ efforts in integrating their culturally diverse societies. The session brings together cultural, academic and political actors to demonstrate cross-sectorial potential.
Lawrence Ugwu,Director, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdánsk, Poland
Susanne Reuszner, Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm, Sweden
Hania Hakiel, Give Something Back to Berlin Open Art Shelter, Berlin, Germany
Tove Malloy, Director, European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI)
Bernd Hemingway, Deputy Director General of the Secretariat, Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS)
Alice Bah Kuhnke, Minister for Culture and Democracy, Sweden
Anke Spoorendonk, Minister of Justice, Cultural and European Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Chris Torch, Senior Adviser and Program Director of Intercult


Political seminar

Main organiser:
Policy Area Culture

Seminar contact person:
Franziska Schindler

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Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Connect the Region: Connecting people in the region