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‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. Tools for monitoring the BSR development

Time: 10:40-12:00 Wednesday 9 November

Venue: Polhem (access by Milles)

How has the Baltic Sea Region developed and how can monitoring help us to reach the objectives by 2030? The Baltic Sea Region is characterised by distinctive challenges and opportunities. Monitoring of territorial development on different geographical scales facilitates the elaboration of better policies.

The seminar focuses on understanding the main challenges and opportunities the BSR policy needs to address by presenting and discussing the social, economic and environmental development based on a number of indicators. Nordregio’s extended ‘Regional Potential Index’ ranks and analyses the performance of all regions of the BSR. Monitoring is crucial to developing policies adjusted to the BSR context. Both of the tools that will be presented, BSR TeMo and Nordregio’s extended Regional Potential Index, show the current performance of the regions of the BSR and allows for discussion on the development potential within the macro region.
The results from BSR TeMo and the Baltic Sea Region Regional Potential Index will be presented by Linus RisplingNordregio, Jacek Zaucha, Chair of VASAB and Julien Grunfelder, Nordregio.

Comments on the tools and their results will be provided by:
Gunilla Nordlöf, Director-general, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Dr Andrea Mairate, European Commission, Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy, Competence Centre, Head of Competence Centre Macroregions and European Territorial Cooperation
Sandra Di Biaggio, Senior Project Expert, ESPON EGTC
Charlotte G Brynielsson, Area Manager, Regional Council of Kalmar County
Zintis Hermansons, Senior Expert, Department of Regional Policy, Latvia
Katarina Fellman, Director, Statistics and Research Åland

The seminar will be moderated by Johanna Giorgi, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Åsa Hildestrand, Nordregio.

The main objectives of the seminar are: enhanced knowledge about the development of the Baltic Sea region; enhanced knowledge about the monitoring system; enhanced competence in how monitoring can be used in policy developing processes.
The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region aims at promoting a more balanced development in the area. In order to guide and assess the development within the macro region, it is important to collect and analyse information about economic, social and environmental aspects of territorial cohesion and regional development. A monitoring and analysis system for understanding territorial cohesion (the ESPON BSR TeMo project) in the BSR has been developed. This was a first attempt to fully capture and understand development in a macro region. Nordregio has also extended its new ‘Regional Potential Index’ to cover all regions of the BSR in order to facilitate an understanding and discussion of territorial situations and potential in the region. The purpose of Nordregio’s extended Regional Potential Index is to show the current performance of the regions of the BSR; to identify regions with high potential for future development and their common denominators; and to identify regions in need of further support and policy measures to strengthen their potential and meet existing challenges.
Last but not least, the index provides policy makers with insights on regional strengths and weaknesses, and can be used for comparative learning between regions with similar geographies in creating effective regional development strategies.
This seminar is based on discussions among some of the users of the tools following presentations of the BSR TeMo monitoring system and the extended Regional Potential Index. The key feature of the BSR TeMo monitoring tool is the close collaboration with its potential users: senior officers and policy makers in the BSR countries responsible for territorial development. This seminar continues along this collaborative path.
Nordregio has updated the ESPON BSR TeMo system as well as the Regional Potential Index for the Strategy Forum in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.


Political seminar
Main organiser:
This seminar is organised in collaboration between Nordregio, VASAB and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Seminar contact person:
Sigrid Hedin

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR: