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Looking towards 2030 – from foresight to vision

Time: 15:00-16:20 Tuesday 8 November

Venue: Polhem (access by Milles)

How could this Strategy Forum be a starting point for a vision process for the Baltic Sea Region?
During this seminar we continue the discussion started in the report” Looking towards 2030: Preparing the Baltic Sea for the future”.
  • To be successful, what elements does a process need to include?
  • What more knowledge do we need to create a common understanding among the relevant players?

Presentations from
Kai Böhme, Director, Spatial Foresight GmbH,
Janne Antikainen, Director, MDI,
Jens Kurnol, Deputy Head of Unit, the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.

Comments and input from
Joanna Wojtkowska, Head of Northern Europe Unit / EUSBSR National Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland
Annika Annerby-Jansson, Vice President of CPMR
Ilona Raugze, Director, ESPON EGTC
Odd Godal, Programme Manager, the European Commission

The seminar will be moderated by
Ulf Johansson, Sweco
Visions define a desirable picture of the future. This picture is based on a shared core set of ideas, values and principles. Other terms also used to describe similar long-term pictures of desirable future are ‘perspectives’ or ‘strategies’. When identifying relevant themes for visions it is important to search for common interest and objectives and to ensure sufficient (long-term) commitment of key players.
On the one hand, a process for developing a vision is the continuation of a long-standing series of policy processes leading to joint strategies for the Baltic Sea Region as e.g. expressed in VASAB and the EUSBSR. On the other hand, moving from these processes to a vision for 2030 implies creating a common understanding and ownership of this vision among the relevant players.


Political Seminar

Main organiser:
The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth,

Seminar contact person:
Sigrid Hedin