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Saving and using the sea – connecting decision makers and actors through maritime spatial planning

Time: 15.00-16:20 Tuesday 8 November

Venue: Lindgrenrummet

Mobilising political decision makers for Maritime Spatial Planning is key to increase its legitimacy. How to save the sea while using it more effectively? How should decision makers be included in marine spatial planning? This political seminar discusses ways of 1) showing what maritime spatial planning could do for the region, 2) connecting actors, and 3) increasing political ownership.

MSP provides a unique opportunity to achieve and balance the three main objectives of the EUSBSR, as it is a cross-cutting mechanism boosting cooperation between actors on all governance levels. Furthermore, transboundary MSP provides the means for addressing issues on a macro-regional scale. However, early findings from the Baltic SCOPE project indicate that the level of interest and involvement of decision makers and stakeholders needs to increase in order to achieve and balance the EUSBSR objectives across the region.

Consequently, this political seminar elaborates on the social, economic and environmental benefits of conducting transboundary MSP and facilitates a discussion on how to improve coordination and collaboration in transboundary MSP. It brings together actors from various countries and levels of governance closely following cross-border processes in the Baltic Sea Region.

A central purpose is to come to a joint understanding of the obstacles and opportunities for decision makers in getting involved in MSP and to increase political ownership. We want to discuss ways to enhance the role of policy makers in MSP. The panel consists of invited speakers from different levels of governance; the public sector and civil society.

Discussion points: 
1) MSP as tool for achieving the goals of the BSR strategy: What could maritime spatial planning do for the region?
2) What roles can and should political decision makers have in MSP? How to raise political interest and how to increase political ‘ownership’ of MSP?
3) How to connect actors? How to engage stakeholders beyond sectors & decision makers?
Each question will be introduced through background information from VASAB and findings from the Baltic SCOPE project, followed by an interactive panel round featuring:
- Statements from panellists
- Interactive discussion between panellists & audience
- Audience invited to add post-its on 3 posters prepared for the audience and to share ideas & concerns
Active participation of the audience is welcomed!

Michael Kull, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio
Andrea Morf, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio
Frank Hering, Planning Director, Regional Council of Kymenlaakso
Amanda Nylund, Student in Marine Sciences, interested and active citizen
Jakob Granit, Director General of SwAM, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Jacek Zaucha, Chairman of the VASAB CSPD/BSR


Political Seminar

Main organiser: 
VASAB, Vision and Strategies around the Baltic

Seminar contact person:
Talis Linkaits

Seminar partner organisations:
SwAM, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Nordregio, Nordic Centre for Spatial Development

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Save the Sea: Better cooperation
Connect the Region: Connecting people in the region
Increase Prosperity: EUSBSR contributing to the implementation of Europe 2020