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Why gender matter

Time: 9:30-10:40 Tuesday 8 November

Venue: Fogelström

To achieve the objectives of the EUSBSR, the contributions and talents of both women and men should be used. Successful implementation of the strategy also requires the adoption of a gender perspective in the multi-governance system and the Action Plan 2030. Equality between men and women is at the core of the EU – including economic and business benefits.

The thematic partnership Winnet BSR, with specific focus on gender, innovation, entrepreneurship in tourism and ICT, will present its ideas for development and the results of cooperation in the partnership. The Winnet BSR project and cooperation, 2014-2016, has the Winnet model at its core. This consists of an interactive system for cooperation in society at all levels to secure women’s and men’s participation on equal terms and conditions for sustainable gender-equal growth, in the region and beyond.

The model consists of a strategic quadruple helix partnership at all levels, for cooperation, in a network, in thematic areas for regional innovation. The discussion will focus on how the Winnet model can be used as a system for sustainable gender-equal growth in the EUBSR and beyond, in EAP . There will also be a discussion on ongoing cooperation for the Winnet model in EAP/Armenia. How can it be used and/or implemented in the EUBSR and EAP in terms of strategy and actions, and in each country? The Winnet Centre of Excellence in the BSR aims to use its research as a tool to include the whole of society in the development. What successful methods can be implemented in policy and actions? What else is needed?

H. E Mr Artak Apitionian, Ambassador in Sweden for Armenia
Ms Ruzanna Torozyan, Winnet Armenia
Ms Esabelle Dingizian, (MP) Swedish Parliament
Ms Yoomi Renström, (S) EU Regions of Committee
Ms Anna M Westerholm, Swedish Ambassador for the Eastern Partnership
/alt/ Ms Ann Bernes, Ambassador for Gender Equality Foreign Ministry
Mrs Ewa Ruminska Zimny, Winnet Centre of Excellence ® Poland
Håkan Ottoson, Consultant



Political seminar

Main organiser


Seminar contact person:
Britt-Marie Söderberg Torstensson

Seminar partner organisations
Thematic Partnership Winnet Baltic Sea Region
International Women’s Forum (IWF), Poland
Winnet Centre of Excellence in BSR, at Stettin University, Poland
Winnet Armenia 
Winnet Östergötland

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Connect the Region: Connecting people in the region
Increase Prosperity: Improved global competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region