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Young scientists take on key regional actors about desired future options for the Baltic Sea

Time: 15.00-15.50 Wednesday

Venue: Creative Lounge

Young people’s views and future options for the Baltic Sea: How will the Baltic Sea change in xx years? The chairs are turned and the Baltic Sea young scientists’ views mirrored against those of key macro-regional actors.

The hot seat will address scenarios of future development under multiple drivers and pressures and the human-induced activities that affect the Baltic Sea and all of us living around it. The session cuts across all three EUSBSR sub-objectives of Save the Sea, Connect the Region and Increase Prosperity.
Some key issues are expected to emerge from a young scientists’ blog stream initiated in the run-up to the Seventh Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region – such as eutrophication, threats to biodiversity, various impacts by marine traffic and the human aspect. All this will be summarised and form the core of a probing ‘hot seat’ session. Besides the blog stream, the ‘hot seat’ audience and their views will be encouraged to become a part of the interactive dialogue led by the young scientists.

The panellists are selected from leading Baltic Sea macro-regional actors HELCOM, VASAB and other Baltic Sea regional actors on future scenarios. Also, a joint scenarios cluster of BONUS projects held a region-wide workshop in spring 2016 and Baltic Earth’s work on assessment of climate change for the Baltic Sea basin (BACC) will add the latest information. The outcome of the session is expected to answer questions such as ‘Where are the current and/or desired joint efforts taking us when the aim is to ensure the long-term sustainability and prosperous future of our common, fragile sea?’ and ‘How can we find a desired, common vision for the coming years AND adapt a mind-set necessary for changes needed?’ The outcomes are envisaged to be useful in answering the overarching Forum theme of ‘One region, one vision’ from the young scientists’ - the leaders of tomorrow - perspectives.

Baltic Earth for Earth System science - Marcus Reckermann, Head of Secretariat
BONUS for research and eco-innovation - Kaisa Kononen, Executive Director
HELCOM for environmental protection action - Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary
VASAB for Baltic Sea vision - Talis Linkaits, Head of Secretariat
BONUS scenarios clustering initiative - Kari Hyytiäinen, Coordinator of BONUS BALTICAPP
Young scientist moderators:
Janne Artell, Natural Resources Institute, Finland
Suvi Ignatius, University of Helsinki, Finland


Hot seat/ interview seminar

Main organiser: BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme

Seminar contact person:
Maija Sirola

Seminar partner organisations:
HELCOM, VASAB, Baltic Earth

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Save the Sea: Clear water in the sea
Save the Sea: Rich and healthy wildlife
Save the Sea: Clean and safe shipping
Save the Sea: Better cooperation
Connect the Region: Connecting people in the region
Increase Prosperity: Climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management